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— an artisan coastal town —

We love our little town and all the neighbourhoods within. Come explore!


Because the murals are so walkable, we pride ourselves on accessibility. The town is an easy walk for seniors with many rest stops along the walking tour as well as being very wheelchair friendly. Most stores that are not directly at ground level offer ramps and switchbacks that aid in you being able to move freely throughout the town. Most of our parks, and the small trails within walking distance, also allow for the same accommodations. We implore you to go and explore.

Chemainus is located just off the TransCanada Highway, an hour North of Victoria and a 45min drive south of Nanaimo.

easily accessed for all


Want to travel to Chemainus for a seaside getaway? This is how you get here! 

From Nanaimo:

Time: 30min by car

Main Roads: Take the Trans-Canada Highway south towards Duncan

From Victoria:

Time: 1hr 10min by car

Main Roads: Take the Trans-Canada Highway north towards Nanaimo​

From Vancouver:

Time: 3hrs by car

Ferry Routes: Fastest- Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo. Other- Tsawwassen to Crofton

The closest airport to Chemainus is in Cassidy (south of Nanaimo)  and is 20min taxi ride away! 

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