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— local & world cuisine —

Restaurants, cafes, bistros, diners, world cuisine, you name it we have it all right here in Chemainus


that go beyond the ordinary
Chemainus Fact #18:

Almost every restaurant in Chemainus boasts a curry dish, each with their own variation that is almost always a best seller. Why you ask? No one knows.

From a café au lait to gourmet dishes and everything in between we have exactly what you enjoy. If you’re going for breakfast, you’ll be hard pressed to decide who’s scones you like better; for lunch, you may have to have two just because you can’t help yourself.


Dinner is altogether another story. Cuisine ranges from local to global and includes Indian, Canadian, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and more. Comfort food, fine dining, or something new and different, we can promise you will find it here.

Oh, and don’t forget to stop by for one of the Chemainus famous ice cream cones!

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dining at its best
brewery + drinks
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