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Fall In Chemainus

Nestled on the picturesque coastline of British Columbia, Chemainus comes alive in the autumn months, showcasing its natural beauty, vibrant foliage, and a variety of fall-themed activities. From scenic drives to cozy cafes and outdoor adventures, this charming town has something for everyone during the fall season. In this blog, we'll explore how to make the most of your autumn visit to Chemainus and create unforgettable memories.

Scenic Drives

The fall season in Chemainus is a visual masterpiece. The town and its surroundings come alive with the brilliant colors of autumn foliage. Take a leisurely drive to explore the stunning landscapes. Some routes to consider include:

  • Chemainus to Ladysmith: Enjoy the vibrant fall colors along the route while making a pit stop in Ladysmith to explore its charming shops and eateries.

  • Pacific Marine Circle Route: This scenic drive takes you through Cowichan Valley and offers breathtaking views of forests, lakes, and coastline adorned with autumn hues.

Coastal Walks and Nature Trails

The milder fall weather is perfect for outdoor adventures. Chemainus offers a variety of coastal walks and nature trails, where you can immerse yourself in the beauty of the season. Don't forget your camera to capture the breathtaking landscapes. Some recommended spots include:

  • Chemainus Valley River Trail: This serene nature trail winds through lush forests and alongside the tranquil Chemainus River, providing an excellent opportunity for birdwatching and nature photography.

  • Chemainus Beach Park: Stroll along the beach and take in the crisp sea air while admiring the vibrant leaves and coastal scenery.

Cozy Cafes and Bakeries

Autumn is all about comfort and warmth, and Chemainus has plenty of cozy cafes and bakeries to provide just that. Savor seasonal treats and warm beverages while basking in the town's inviting ambiance. Must-visit spots include:

  • Nic's Cafe - Quaint and surrounded by books, this little coffee shop is a delightful place to spend an afternoon

  • Owl's Nest Baker & Bistro: Offering artisanal items, this is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy baked goods, breakfast or lunch.

  • Willow Street Café: This cozy café is known for its warm atmosphere and delectable dishes, perfect for a leisurely breakfast, brunch or lunch.

  • Coffee Row: Visit the Public Market and sit down with a delicious coffee and muffin.

  • Chemainus Bakery:Fresh baked goodness abounds with delightful surroundings of Old Town Chemainus.

Fall Festivals and Events

Autumn in Chemainus is filled with exciting festivals and events. Immerse yourself in the local culture and have fun at these gatherings:

  • Chemainus Theatre : Watch captivating performances at the renowned Chemainus Theatre, which hosts a variety of shows during the fall season.

  • Chemainus Fall Festival: This event features local artisans, and crafters showcasing their autumn-themed products and produce, a fun run race, and a big trick-or-treat celebration.

Art Appreciation

Chemainus is famous for its outdoor murals and artistic community. Take a leisurely stroll through town and admire the colorful murals depicting the history and culture of the region. You can also visit local art galleries to explore the works of talented artists in the area.


Fall in Chemainus is a time of picturesque beauty, outdoor exploration, cozy indulgences, and cultural enrichment. Whether you're taking a scenic drive, enjoying the local cuisine, or immersing yourself in the artistic scene, Chemainus has something special to offer during this season. So, grab your camera, put on your favorite sweater, and come experience the enchanting autumn charm of this coastal town. Chemainus is waiting to create unforgettable fall memories for you and your loved ones.


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